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     Vibration Therapy





Holistic, energizing, healing: Vibration Therapy in the santara domhaus

Vibration therapy is a holistic healing system of the New Age. It works with the energy fields of energized mountain crystals, which change the vibration of environment and objects near them using lightful and healed communication. In the soothing energy field, disharmonious experiences can be neutralized down to the cell level. Physical complaints can subside and the path for mental and emotional development is cleared.

In the santara somhaus, vibration therapy is carried out by certified vibration therapist Dr. med. Bernd Purschian, who has been continuously developing this technique since 2014.


Vibration Therapy – The Origin

Years of research and intuitive insights by Michael Grauer-Brecht as well as Christine and Antan Minatti created the complex form of vibration therapy in all its differentiatedness and abundance. Obelisks made of mountain crystal are used as energy carriers to deliver healing energy and vibrational fields to patients.

From 2009 to 2012, Vibration Therapy was made available by its founders to a select group of 25 therapists who were trained and certified for the first time, including Dr. med. Bernd Purschian.


Vibration Therapy uses the Findings of Bioenergetics

This method assumes that on the physical level every cell, every organ, every group of organs etc. in a healthy state vibrates at a set frequency.

In simple terms, this can be imagined as the steady swinging of a little girl, who is completely in her rhythm and always seems to swing effortlessly to the same height. But what happens if her big brother comes and pushes her, resulting in her losing her rhythm? If it is only a single small push, the girl will quickly be able to recover. But if it is a strong blow or if the brother repeatedly pushes her, the girl will find it difficult to get back into her rhythm and she will waste a lot of energy in the process.

It is similar with the organic structures. Due to an accident or non-ergonomic movement patterns, as well as other triggering events, they can "get out of rhythm" and have difficulties in getting back into their normal vibration – and they fall ill. It goes even further: the same applies to emotional and mental patterns as well as to the spiritual well-being of a person, and, furthermore, to the soul level.

Let's return to the image of the swinging girl. When the disturbance by the big brother stops and the child still has enough strength, it can find back to its rhythm. If there is not enough strength, it needs impulses from outside, for example a few strong pushes in the right rhythm from an adult, so that the child can get back into its vibration and continue swinging without effort.

A similar approach is used in energy medicine: A system that is no longer vibrating at its frequency is helped by providing it with a vibration that enables it to return to its healthy state.


What is special about Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy is a holistic healing method of the New Age, meaning it is a healing method that works on all aspects of a person and is adapted to the current needs of us humans and the Earth.

For some years now the Earth has been in a process of strong energetic change – and not only the Earth but also all beings living on it are facing great challenges. Thus, problems are coming to the surface that could have been denied, hidden or suppressed a few decades ago. This energetic change also challenges the medical system to provide new answers and find new and holistic approaches to treating people. Vibration Therapy, like other healing methods of recent years, has been received medially and  has the potential to the problems of the New Age.

Another special feature of vibration therapy is its universality. Vibration Therapy can not only be used to support body, mind and soul, but also to harmonize human communities – families, couples, teams, companies – in a spiritual sense. The same applies, of course, to the healing of animals or plants, but also to landscapes. Limits are only set by your own consciousness.


The Goal of Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy is about bringing the client into a healed form of communication with himself, his fellow human beings and his environment.

Misdirected or blocked energies can be neutralized, dissolved or released and are available again as pure power. Cells, organs and organ systems can communicate optimally with each other again. Blockages, symptoms of illness and diseases can be dissolved.

Even misguided thought processes, intrusive thought patterns, negative emotions or unwanted behaviour can be balanced and changed in a healed way by the individually laid and personalised healing fields. Thus, complaints of body, mind and soul can be alleviated or healed. In a broader framework, interpersonal relationships in everyday life, at work or even within larger communities can be harmonised and healed.

A central concept in vibration therapy is optimal communication, also called "healed communication". When all cells in the body, all organs and other structures communicate with each other in a healed way, the person is physically healthy.


The Method 

In santara domhaus we work with obelisks made of mountain crystal as energy carriers. The energetically charged crystals are available in different designs.

Depending on the subject or complaint, suitable crystals are used, which are charged with healing energies for the body, emotions and thoughts, and which can bring body and soul back into balance.

The mountain crystal obelisks are arranged in so-called laying systems – also called healing fields – of which there are thousands. Tailored to the personal situation of the patient, such a healing field is built up and creates a sphere of healing. This healing sphere works through the classical acupuncture points and chakras and gives impulses that can bring cells, organs and thought structures back into resonance and harmony.

While the client lays in the beneficial energy field, disharmonious experiences can be neutralized down to the cell level. Disturbed and weak energy can be transformed and is available again as pure life energy. The path for mental and emotional development can be prepared, physical complaints can subside. Vitality and confidence can grow again, bright thoughts can open the mind. The access to the soul can be strengthened.


How does Vibration Therapy work?

In Vibration Therapy, energy carriers are used to transfer healing energies to the client. In our practice we use mountain crystal obelisks for this purpose, which are energized with meditative techniques using the vibration therapeutic healing energies. Alternatively, the healing energies can also be transferred directly to the client through meditative techniques.


Each healing crystal contains a multitude of healing frequencies

Usually several crystals are in healing fields or healing circles. The energies from the crystals combine and build a healing sphere around the client. This healing sphere acts via the classical acupuncture points and chakras on the personal energy field of the client, which uses the frequencies that it needs and can use

The energetically positively charged (programmed) mountain crystal obelisks are available in different sets and 52 colour frequencies. The individual obelisk sets differ qualitatively and quantitatively. In the therapy with children we work with a special set of obelisks, which is adapted to the particularities of a child's energy system.

Through the healing fields a positive energy flow can be generated in the whole body. Misdirected or bound energies due to a disharmony between body, mind and soul can be specifically neutralized, dissolved or released again, so that they are once again available to the client as pure energy. In this way, body cells, organs and organ systems can once again communicate optimally with each other and blockages, symptoms of illness and diseases can be dissolved. Disturbing thought processes, deadlocked thought patterns, unpleasant emotional states or unwanted behaviour can also be balanced and changed in a healing way with the help of the healing fields

For repeated use by the client at home, we also offer healing and decorative crystals that contain entire healing fields. These have proved to be very useful in handling, as they can be comfortably held in the hand or worn as a necklace.


The Vibration Therapeutic Treatment

A client comes to their vibration therapist with a problem. After discussing the problem, the therapist determines – for example by kinesiological testing or medially - which healing field could support the client optimally as well as the duration of its application. While the client lies relaxed on a couch and possibly does a little meditation, the therapist builds up the determined healing field around him by arranging the corresponding crystals on the floor under the couch. Now the client can enjoy the energetic healing bath.

The duration of application of the vibration therapeutic healing field is usually between half an hour and one hour. During this time the client lies on the couch, the therapist withdraws. Afterwards the crystals are removed again, which dissolves the healing field. During the application of the healing field the client often enters a healing trance-like meditative state. Then it is recommended to rest for a while after the treatment.


Enjoy the Healing Sphere of energized Mountain Crystals!


Costs: 120 Euro per session with previous therapy consultation

Duration: 60 minutes

Follow-up treatment: 50 EUR per session (with a short preliminary talk if necessary)

Duration: 30 to approx. 50 minutes


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